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Judith safaris would like to build a healthy community, Health volunteers work within their communities to promote important topics such as nutrition maternal, child health and basic hygiene (you find this heart touching when you visit these rural areas where you get that unspeakable impression of dirt kids and as well their elders which shows that if that basic education was given freely with a loving heart then this children would having a bright future. this basic education comes with the good formal and informal ways for both women and children to be part of it and help themselves for a bright future “ I would call it sanitation is always needed in local areas. Judith safaris is also trying to teach basic computer skills and help local communities to take advantage of technologies that connect them to the market place this comes to where women guides and drivers will be part of it and helping the volunteers to explorer these different destinations. This also comes with aim of developing libraries and technology resource centers to avoid the language barriers in this volunteering program through communicating and as well them expressing their exhibition through the work done during that period of visits. Judith Safaris will provide cheap accommodation, meals for volunteers, and some free tours or big discounts depends on where they want to visit around the country.



Multimedia: video recording and editing, music production, photography training, teaching music, creating Rwanda tourism video;


Marketing: organizing events, meeting associates, training, distributing flyers, social media content editing, promoting ecotourism, managing tourist information campaign, promoting us on tourism websites;


Education: organizing workshops and extracurricular activities, carrying out physical activities, cultivating a love of reading, offering career guidance;


Administrative: staff training, budgeting, planning, product research, setting up microfinance for community members, managing a volunteer database;




Village tours and local life experiences will be offered for free to guide you all over the tours scheduled for any period of time. Judith safaris offer cultural village tours allowing volunteers to walk into the real life of the Rwandan local people and the age-old traditions. · Basket weaving · traditional dance · planting and harvesting crops · banana beer making · dressmaking/kitenge and also imikenyero for the culture · local cooking and food preparation “ we may call it local or African food tasting · traditional bed making “ this comes from the tradition tours or history telling of our ancestors · flour grinding · Cow milking with the churning butter this would be added as the extra working activities if they are available in these rural areas.

Please contact us for more information and procedures about volunteering with Judith safaris.

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