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Its an all-female guides and Driver run company based in Kigali, Rwanda, that aims at giving equal opportunity to Rwanda Women and Girls in the field of Tourism and travel-related jobs.
To give tourists the best information they need based on what they are interested in. The female drivers/guides would also share how happy they feel doing this job. They take it as an opportunity to achieve their vision goals through Judith Safaris.

Most of the women in Rwanda have the sad stories in their past years of being accepted and appreciated in the society, back then they were recognized for home keeping and taking care of families. But since the 20th century, every woman tries to see the light of the vision through their country and hard work for better achievements/results. Judith Safaris is there to train and promote women in achieving more in this tourism industry and for storytelling (I Judith believe in we can all exist together by lifting each other women's dreams).

Judith safaris is one of the travel Agency and business industry providing the complete travel, Hospitality accommodation to the guests related to the services, Judith safaris guarantees a premium level of the travel industry that is staffed by consultants with great experience in the industry they are looking for, we do it professionally with a better bond of relationship and trust.


we are to promote women of Rwanda in providing the most accurate information about the country to the domestic and international visitors as they work as female guides/drivers and to offer the most exciting and memorable safari experience to our client’s expectations and beyond, at very competitive and affordable means without compromising our standards.


Judith safaris is here to give you excellent tour experiences that will create pleasurable memories for you and your loved ones; be ready to travel and visit Rwanda through traveling and exploring remarkable Rwanda, Superfast booking we make them easy and possible for the clients to reach the good destination areas with tourist’s activities. Judith safaris is willing to be among the first companies for all the travelers who wish to learn more about the culture of Rwanda for both domestic and international visitors and our goal is to be the global market leader in the delivery of tour and travel services.


  • To encourage and promote women to be part of the storytelling, guiding and giving more information to the guests and as well the young generation doing tourism.

  • To ensure the representation of the tour operators and travel agents in the partnership between private, public sectors as well as Non-Governmental Organization.

  • Improvement of member business knowledge and understanding of subsequent professional performance

  • To establish rules and regulation and recommend guidelines for new members in Rwanda’s tourism and travel industry

  • Maintain Rwanda’s good reputation as a tourist destination by making sure that tour operators and travel agents maintain high and professional ethics and standards that give a value of services rendered to visitors.



We pride ourselves on the fact that our safari guests can immerse themselves in Africa’s broad savanna's and remarkable wildlife with complete peace of mind, knowing that every detail is covered. No group is too large or too small for Judith Safaris as at the end of the safari experiences we are always friends and family.

Our tour packages are cost-effective and affordable. Our safaris cater to luxury, upmarket, adventure, middle-range income, students, private tours, family trips, and adventure expeditions that make more than half of the total travel industry. Luxury and custom safaris are tailored to suit each guest with the best interests. Hotels and lodges have been listed to allow one to determine the suitable choice. Clients we have handled have recommended us once again.


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